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Would've been funnier if you make the Mexican tankman look more like a Mexican tankman, but still good stuff

Omg this is like something I would make (Tho tbh I would use even more obscure sources as if the sources here weren't obscure enough) Great ass work, it legit inspired me to do make parodies in the same vein.

This whole production is great to watch, I can see the dedication and love put into it. However, this isn't something too big so plz don't worry, I feel the the shadows are pretty oversaturated in certain shots, and they've been in front of the characters rather than behind them to make their faces look blinding. If you could find a way to have their faces highlighted while still making it look dramatic, that would be rad. Also Meta sometimes has two different mouths, which I guess it a mistake that happened without notice but I hope it isn't much of a problem later on.

Other than that, fantastic work, I'm excited to see more.

I also love that Meta Knight has thick eyebrows, I'm a sucker for that.

Also I'm in this as that red Kirby pompadour.

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For some reason the game has a slow ass framerate for me
Is there a reason for that?

BoMToons responds:

Slow/old computer most likely. You can try closing other applications and tabs to free up RAM/CPU. You can also try clearing browser cache, using another web browser, restarting your device, etc.

I'm going to be real, and this is just from my experience so call me ignorant,

So much of newgrounds has been drown drowned by irony and cynicism that, to me at least, it's hard to find the genuine efforts to create something that isn't ironic and bitter. I'm not gonna act like they don't exist because shit, there are amazing creators on here who have made great things, it's that I haven't seen much of them because I mainly see unflattering thumbnails and "So bad it's good" kind of animations and games.

So when I see things like this get pushed, I get relieved that creatives are not jaded by how shitty life and society can be and made the effort to create something they are invested in and want to see in the world to entertain the rest of it.

So yeah, good game, we need more love for projects like this.

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Why you gotta be so mean?

I still love this


I love art and I love life, I'm still figuring out everything else

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